Friday, 2 June 2017

SSC CGL Salary Structure

Hold your Heart CGLE-17 Aspirants!!

Our Government has implemented the most Awaited "7th Pay commission" from January 1st, 2016. Now all the government employees must be happy as States and Public Sector Enterprises will also implement the similar structure. Looking at the salary, allowances and perks, we must say your preparation will increase exponentially high after reading this. Not only salary and perks but you will get reputations and respect which you are thriving for.

Here we are providing the salary of SSC employees of various grade pay after 7th pay commission.
The 7th Pay Commission has proposed the rate of HRA which varies according to X, Y and Z cities.
  • Class X - 8 Cities - 24% (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Pune)
  • Class Y - Around 100 Towns (With a Population above 5 Lakhs) - 16%
  • Class Z - Rural Areas - 8%
  • DA = It would be 0 percent. Because it will be merged with the basic pay.DA will be revised every six months.If you work in some special organisations, like CBI, IB, Security agencies etc., you get an extra 20% of Basic Pay as Special Security Allowance(SSA).
There are many other allowances like SDA, Medical, Canteen, Specs, Briefcase etc. We have Ignored them all for the sake of simplicity in the calculation.
    Salary Calculation: Let us calculate salary 4600 Grade-pay post.
      Grade Pay- 4600
      Let say the salary calculation of an Examiner posted in Mumbai.
      According to 7th Central Pay Commission Pay Matrix Table,

      • The Basic Pay = Rs. 44,900.
      • HRA = 24% of Basic Pay   = Rs. 10,776
      • DA  = 0.
      • Transport allowance =Rs. 3600 (Since Grade Pay  4600  lies in between Grade Pay of 2000 to 4800 )     
      • Now Gross pay = Basic Pay + HRA +DA +TA                                                                            = Rs.44900 + Rs.10,776 + 0 + Rs.3600 = Rs.59,276. = Rs.60,000(approx).
      Now we will calculate deductions on the Gross Pay.
      • NPS (National Pension Scheme) = 10% on Basic Pay is deducted as NPS =Rs. 4490
      • Employee Provident Fund(EPF) = It is based on the employee’s Basic pay which is 12% of salary (BP + DA). EPF  = 12% of  Basic Pay= Rs. 5388
      • TDS and other taxes like Education Cess will be deducted.
      • Total Deduction = NPS+EPF+Tax(TDS)+Other deductions = Rs. 9000 (approx)
      •  Inhand Salary  = Gross salary - Total Deduction

      Rs. 60,000 - Rs. 9000 (approx)  = Rs. 51,000

        In this way we have provided approx value of the salary(in Rs.) of SSC employees

        Grade-pay X city Y city Z city
        2400Rs.31,000Rs.27,000 Rs.25,000

        So, with the implementation of 7th pay commission, SSC is going to provide you a handsome Salary and a respectful job.

        How could you miss this golden opportunity to make your dream come true? "Opportunity is Rare, Grab it"
        If you have not started yet, Do it now.Because it's never too late to start.

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