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GK & Current Affairs Quiz June 3, 2017

 1. Who will become the new Prime Minister of Ireland?
 [A] Leo Varadkar
 [B] Brian Cowen
 [C] Mary McAleese
 [D] Enda Kenny 
 Correct Answer: A [Leo Varadkar] 
Answer Explanation: Leo Varadkar, the leader of the Fine Gael Party, will become the new Prime Minister of Ireland after defeating his rival Simon Coveney with 60% of votes. Varadkar will become the first gay Prime Minister and will also be the country’s youngest ever leader. He will succeed Taoiseach Enda Kenny as leader of the centre-right party in June 2017.

 2. Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Prasar Bharti? 
[A] CK Prasad 
[B] Shashi Shekhar Vempati 
[C] Rajeev Singh
 [D] S C Panda 

 Correct Answer: B [Shashi Shekhar Vempati] 
Answer Explanation: Shashi Shekhar Vempati, a former principal architect of Infosys Technologies, has been appointed the new chief executive officer (CEO) of public broadcaster Prasar Bharati for a period of five years. Currently, Vempati is a part-time member of the Prasar Bharati Board. The appointment comes 7 months after the last Jawhar Sircar resigned from the post. He will succeed Rajeev Singh, member (finance) of the board, who was serving as the interim CEO after S C Panda retired in 2017. 

3. What is the India’s rank in the 2017 global Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI)?
 [A] 45th
 [B] 58th
 [C] 37th
 [D] 26th 

Correct Answer: C [37th] 
Answer Explanation: India has been ranked 37th out of 103 nations in the 2017 global Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI), according to a new report by the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative. The OPHI is an economic research centre at the Oxford University, led by Professor Sabina Alkire. The 2017 global MPI has covered 76% of the world’s population, living in 103 countries. The index measures the nature and intensity of poverty, based on the profile of overlapping deprivations each poor person experiences. It aggregates these into meaningful indexes that can be used to inform targeting and resource allocation and to design policies that tackle the interlinked dimensions of poverty together.

 4. Which committee has been formed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on corporate governance?
 [A] Uday Kotak committee
 [B] Naysa Modi committee
 [C] Tejas Muthusamy committee 
[D] Saketh Sundar committee 

Correct Answer: A [Uday Kotak committee] 
Answer Explanation: The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has formed committee to improve standards of corporate governance of listed companies. The committee under the chairmanship of Uday Kotak, chief of Kotak Mahindra Bank, will submit the report within a period of 4 months. The committee would make recommendations to SEBI on ensuring independence in spirit of independent directors and their active participation in functioning of the company and steps for improving safeguards and disclosures pertaining to related party transactions. Besides, the panel would suggest measures for addressing issues faced by investors on voting and participation in general meetings and ways for improving effectiveness of board evaluation practices. 
5. Which Indian-American student has won the 90th Scripps Naional Spelling Bee competition?
 [A] Sreeniketh Vogoti 
[B] Ananya Vinay
 [C] Rohan Sachdev 
[D] Shourav Dasari 
 Correct Answer: B [Ananya Vinay]
 Answer Explanation: Ananya Vinay (12), the 6th-grader from California, has won the 90th Scripps National Spelling Bee competition by successfully spelling “marocain” in the final round at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland on June 1, 2017. She won $40,000 in cash among other prizes. Ananya is the 13th consecutive Indian-American to win the bee and the 18th of the past 22 winners with Indian heritage, a run that began in 1999 with Nupur Lala’s victory.

 6. Which film will represent India at the 52nd Karlong Vary International Film Festival?
 [A] Khibula
 [B] Cakemaker
 [C] Ralang Road 
[D] Falling 

Correct Answer: C [Ralang Road] 
Answer Explanation: Nepali-Hindi film Ralang Road will represent India at the 52nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival at Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, which is scheduled to be held from June 30 to July 8, 2017. It will be after 13 years that an Indian film will compete with other international films at this film festival. Ralang Road tells the stories of four people living in the Himalayan countryside. The film explores cultural immigration and lifestyles in a complex social setup. The film is directed by Karma Takapa and produced by HumanTrail Pictures.

 7. Who has won boys singles title at the 2017 HCL Asian Junior Tennis Championship?
 [A] Piyush Salekar 
[B] Vikrat Mehta
 [C] Kaivalya Kalamse 
[D] Nitin Kumar Sinha

 Correct Answer: D [Nitin Kumar Sinha]
 Answer Explanation: Indian wild card Nitin Kumar Sinha has won the boys singles title at the 2017 HCL Asian Junior Tennis Championship. He defeated Malaysian player Christian Didier Chin in a final match held at the Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge – Balewadi, in Pune. In girls singles final, Mihika Yadav defeated top seed Mahak Jain in two straight sets 6-3, 6-3. The championship is the second highest tournament anywhere in the world after the junior grand slams and provides top Indian players a chance to compete against their global counterparts as well as earn valuable ITF points to build on their overall international ranking.

 8. Who has become the first Indian to be nominated as a member of the ITTF Umpires and Referees Committee (URC)?
 [A] S. Sridhar
 [B] Raksheet Kota 
[C] Ganeshan Neelakanta Iyer 
[D] Pankaj Awasthi 
Correct Answer: C [Ganeshan Neelakanta Iyer]
 Answer Explanation: Ganeshan Neelakanta Iyer has become the first Indian to be nominated as a member of the ITTF Umpires and Referees Committee (URC). His term will be for two years and is extendable. Iyer is the only assigned competition manager of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) in India. Beside this, Ganeshan has also been recommended as the Technical Commissioner from the Asian Continent to ITTF and his term will be for a period of four years. He is also the chairman of the South Asian Federation technical committee and a member of the Technical Committee of the Commonwealth Table Tennis Federation (CTTF).

 9. The researchers of which IIT institute has developed a wireless technology “AmbuSens” to monitor hospital-bound patients? 
[A] IIT Kharagpur
 [B] IIT Madras
 [C] IIT Varanasi
 [D] IIT Roorkee 

 Correct Answer: A [IIT Kharagpur] 
Answer Explanation: The researchers at IIT Kharagpur has developed a wireless technology ‘AmbuSens‘ for remote monitoring of patients’ condition ferried in ambulances. The technology will allow doctors to monitor ECG, heart-rate, temperature and blood-pressure of patients moving in ambulances and fitted with wireless sensors. This will help doctors to advise technicians travelling with the patient to deal with the situation. The web interface of the AmbuSens system provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for doctors and paramedics alike with data visualisation tools such as real-time ECG graph. It can be accessed from internet-enabled laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

10. The Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state? 
[A] Sikkim
 [B] Tripura
 [C] Bihar 
[D] Uttar Pradesh 

Correct Answer: B [Tripura]
 Answer Explanation: The Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Tripura that covers an area of about 389.54 sq km. It is home to animals like elephants, sambar, buffalo, yapping deer, sarow, wild goa, etc. The sanctuary is one of the prominent sanctuaries that speck the bush clad landscapes of Tripura; this sanctuary is a sign of the common legacy of the state and affirms the various Tripura wild life and it is one of the best places of the animal visitors.

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