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GK & Current Affairs Quiz: June 21, 2017

GK & Current Affairs Quiz: June 21, 2017

1. Which institute has been selected as the first recipient of the Prime Minister’s Yoga Award? 
[A] Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SVYASA), Bangaluru 
[B] Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI), Pune 
[C] Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education (LNIPE), Gwalior 
[D] Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi 

2. What is the theme of the 2017 International Yoga Day (IYD)?
 [A] Yoga for Health 
[B] Yoga for Peace
 [C] Yoga for Healthy mind
 [D] Yoga for Healthy living 

 3. India has signed how much amount of loan agreement with Asian Development Bank (ADB) to upgrade 64 small towns of Madhya Pradesh? 
[A] $355 million 
[B] $175 million 
[C] $275 million 
[D] $425 million 

4. India has signed a historical agreement with which country to promote cooperation in the field of archives?
 [A] South Africa 
[B] Portugal 
[C] China 
[D] Nepal 

5. India’s first indigenously built floating dock (FDN-2) has launched on which shipyard? 
[A] Goa Shipyard
 [B] Bharati Shipyard 
[C] Bombay Dockyard 
[D] Kattupalli Shipyard 

6. Who is leading the Indian delegation at the 2017 BIO International Convention? 
[A] Y S Chowdary 
[B] Harsh Vardhan 
[C] M Venkaiah Naidu 
[D] Arun Jaitley 

7. Which state government has announced free education for girls in Government Schools and colleges from Nursery to PhD? 
[A] Bihar 
[B] Karnataka 
[C] Punjab 
[D] Uttar Pradesh 

8. Which Indian agri microbiologist has been conferred with the 2017 Ministry of Environment Award in Japan? 
[A] Anil Kakodkar
 [B] Harish Chandra 
[C] Shrihari Chandraghatgi 
[D] Jayant Vishnu Narlikar 

9. Who will be the new Union Home Secretary of India?
 [A] Madhusudhan Prasad
 [B] Anand Kumar 
[C] Rajiv Gauba 
[D] Ajay Kumar Bhalla 

10. The Lahugala Kitulana National Park is located in which country? 
[A] India
 [B] Sri Lanka 
[C] Bhutan 
[D] Bangladesh 

Ans will be updated soon.....

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