Directions Sense Test: Reasoning Questions for SSC CGL Exam 2017

Directions Sense Test: Reasoning Questions for SSC CGL Exam 2017

Q1. Yashita walks 1km towards north to meet Shikha, then they both take a left turn and walk 3km for lunch. After the lunch they take a left turn and walks 2 km and they eat ice-cream and after some rest they again take a right turn and walks 3km. In which direction the ending point form the location where they had lunch?
(a) Southwest
(b) Northeast
(c) Southeast
(d) Northwest

Q2. Town D is 12 km towards the North of town A. Town C is 15 km towards the West of town D. Town B is 15 km towards the West of town A. How far and in which direction is town B from town C?
(a) 15 km towards North
(b) 12 km towards North
(c) 3 km towards South
(d) 12 km towards South

Q3. Town D is to the West of town M. Town R is to the South of town D. Town K is to the East of town R. Town K is towards which direction of town D?
(a) South
(b) East
(c) North-East
(d) South-East

Directions(4-5): Study the following information carefully to answer these questions.
A vehicle starts from point P and runs 10 km towards North. It takes a right turn and runs 15 km. It now runs 6 km after taking a left turn. It finally takes a left turn, runs 15 km and stops at point Q.

Q4. How far is point Q with respect to point P?
(a) 16 km
(b) 25 km
(c) 4 km
(d) 0 km

Q5. A villager went to meet his uncle in another village situated 5 km away in the North-east direction of his own village. From there he came to meet his father-in-law living in a village situated 4 km in the south of his uncle’s village. How far away and in what direction is he now?
(a) 3 km in the North
(b) 3 km in the East
(c) 4 km in the East
(d) 4 km in the West

Q6. Dev walks 20 m towards North. He then turns left and walks 40 m. He again turns left and walks 20 m. Further, he moves 20 m after turning to the right. How far is he from his original position? 
(a) 20 m 
(b) 30 m 
(c) 50 m
(d) 60 m 

Q7. Towards which direction was the vehicle moving before it stopped at point Q?
(a) North
(b) East
(c) South
(d) West

Q8. P, Q, R, S and T are sitting in a straight line facing North. P sits next to S. Q is sitting next to R who sits on the extreme left corner. Who sits to the left of S if T does not sit next to Q?
(a) P
(b) Q
(c) R
(d) T

Q9. Roza walked 25 metre towards south, took a right turn and walked 15 metre. She then took a left turn and walked 25 meter. Which direction is she now from her starting point?
(a) South-east
(b) South
(c) South-west
(d) North-west

Q10. Swati starts from a point walks 2 km towards North, turns towards her right and walks 2 km, turns right again and walks. In which direction is she going now?
(a) North
(b) South-East
(c) South 
(d) West

Q11. Pooja starts at point T, walks straight to point U which is 4 ft away. She turns left at 90° and walks to W. which is 4 ft away, turns 90° right and goes 3 ft to P, turns 90° right and walks 1 ft to Q, turns left at 90° and goes to V, which is 1 ft away and once again turns 90° right and goes to R, 3 ft away. What is the distance between T and R?
(a) 4 ft
(b) 5 ft
(c) 7 ft
(d) 8 ft

Q12. After walking 6 km, I turned right and covered a distance of 2 km, then turned left and covered a distance of 10 km. In the end, I was moving towards the north. From which direction did I start my journey?
(a) North
(b) South
(c) East
(d) West

Q13. Roshni leaves from her home. She first walks 30 metres in North-west direction and then 30 metres in South-west direction. Next, she walks 30 metres in South-east direction. Finally, she turns towards her house. In which direction is she moving?
(a) North-east 
(b) North-west
(c) South-east
(d) South-west

Q14. Sachin starts from point P and walks towards South and stops at point Q. He now takes a right turn followed by a left turn and stops at point R. He finally takes a left turn and stops at point S. If he walks 5 km before taking each turn, towards which direction will  Sachin have to walk from point S to reach point Q?
(a) North 
(b) South 
(c) West 
(d) East

Q15. I am facing South. I turn right and walk 20 m. then I turn right again and walk 10 m. Then I turn left and walk 10 m and then turning right walk 20 m. Then I turn right again and walk 60 m. In which direction I am from the starting point?
(a) North
(b) North-west
(c) East
(d) North-east


S1. Ans.(b)
Ending point is in Southwest direction form the location where they had lunch.

S2. Ans.(d)

S3. Ans.(d)

S4. Ans.(a)

PQ = PA + QA= 10 + 6 = 16 km

S5. Ans.(b)

The villager moves from his village at O to his uncle’s village at A 
and there on to his father-in-law’s village at B.
Clearly, ∆OBA is right-angled at B.
So, OA^2=OB^2+AB^2
⇒OB=√((25-16) ) km=(√9)km=3km.
Thus, B is 3 km to the east of his initial position O. 

S6. Ans.(d)
Sol.  The movements of Dev are as shown in 

Clearly, Dev's distance from his initial position O 
=> OD = ( OC + CD ) = (AB + CD) 
 = (40 + 20) m = 60 m. 

S7. Ans.(d) Sol. 

The vehicle moving in WEST direction before it stopped at point Q.


S9. Ans.(c)

S10. Ans.(c)
Now, it is obvious that Swati is facing south. 

S11. Ans.(d)
Sol. The movements of Pooja from T to R are as shown in figure.
∴ Distance between T and R 
= TR = TU + UR 
= TU + PW + QV
= (4 + 3 + 1) ft
= 8 ft. 

S12. Ans.(b) 

Clearly, the route is as shown in the diagram. 
Thus, the man started his journey from the South and moved northwards.

S13. Ans.(a)
The movements of the Roshni are shown in figure. 
(A to B, B to C, C to D, D to A).
Clearly, she is finally moving in the direction DA i.e. North-east. 

S14. Ans.(a)

Here, P is starting point whereas S is end point.
In order to reach point Q Sachin has to travel towards North.

S15. Ans.(d)

The movements of the person are from A to F, 
as shown in figure. 
Clearly, the final position is F which is to the 
North-east of the starting point A. 
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