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BOB Manipal PO Exam Analysis - 27th May 2017 (1st Slot)

BOB Manipal PO Exam Analysis - 27th May 2017 (1st Slot)

BOB Manipal PO 2017 Exam is a single phase exam conducted inn two slots. Here we are sharing the analysis of the first slot of BOB Manipal PO 2017 Exam. The first slot of BOB Manipal PO 2017 Exam was scheduled from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. The first slot analysis will help students to understand the overall level of difficulty in this exam. 
BOB Manipal PO 2017 Exam analysis has been shared based on the reviews of the students who appeared for this exam. In case there is any anomaly, do let us know in the comments, we will update it.

BOB Manipal PO 1st Slot Exam Analysis - 27th May 2017

Total 202 questions were asked from different sections which carried a total of 250 marks along with descriptive. Overall level of the exam was Easy to Moderate.Let us have a look at the individual sections now and the questions that were asked from them.

Reasoning Ability

50 Questions were asked from this section with a total of 50 marks. Questions were asked from following topics-
Name of Topic
Number of Questions
 Inequality5 Questions (Coded)
 Puzzles/Seating Arrangement
4 sets
  • 1 floor based puzzle
  • 1 Linear Sitting Arrangement facing both north & South directions
  • 1 Circular Sitting Arrangement where all were facing inwards
Data Sufficiency5 Questions
Syllogism 5 Questions
MiscellaneousAround 15 Questions were asked from this section. This involved questions from Blood Relations, Direction sense Logical Reasoning, Order and Ranking.

English Language

This section again comprised of 50 questions with a total weight of 50 marks. Following topics were asked in this section-
Name of Topic
Number of Questions
 Reading Comprehension10 questions- topic was based on BREXIT (4 Questions were based on Synonyms- Antonyms) 
 Para jumbles5 Questions 
Error Spotting10 Questions
Sentence Correction5 Questions
Fillers5 Questions
Cloze test5 Questions
Phrase  Replacement10 Questions (Double phrase replacement)

Numerical Ability

This section again comprised of 50 questions. Topics asked from this section included following-
Name of Topic
Number of Questions
 Data Interpretation
3 sets  (Questions were asked from Bar and Tabular graph)
Approximation5 Questions
Number Series
5 Questions
  • 462, 462, 456, 432, ?, 252
  • 193, 97, 49, 25, ?, 7
  • 17, 24, 13, 26, 9, ?
  • 1, 3, 10, 48, ?, 6432
  • 174, 169, 162, 152, 138, ?
Quadratic Equations5 Questions
 MiscellaneousRemaining 15 questions of this section were miscellaneous from Time Speed and Distance, Simple and Compound Interest, Profit and Loss etc)

General Awareness

There were 50 questions in this section and they carried a total of 50 marks. Maximum questions asked in this section were based on current affairs. There were some questions (8-10) based on Static GK as well as static banking awareness & Around 15-20 Questions based on Banking Awareness. 
  • The headquarters of Indian Overseas bank -
  • Length of 2000 rupee note - 
  • Function of NDFC
  • Quantitative Measure of RBI
  • Centurion Bank of Punjab is now known as -
  • Rupesh Shah is related to which sport -
  • President of Tibet
  • Chief of United Nations hails from which country -
  • Headquarter of AU Small Fianance Bank
  • Total Asset Value after the Merger of SBI
  • Durand Cup is related to which sport
  • Manas National Park is in which state
  • ___ launched cassini satellite
  • Konkani Language belongs to which state
  • In united kingdom "merchant banking"institutions are referred to as?
  • VPA in UPI
  • LIME app
  • PMMY target the loan NBFC
  • River in Cuttack
  • Indradhanush 2.0
  • CNP transaction
  • Full Form of APBS 
  • NABARD allocation
  • Day and theme on 25 april
  • Bankers lien section?
  • PAYZAPP app
  • Kuchipudi Dance belongs to which state

Descriptive Topics

This section had total 2 questions and their weight out of the total marks was 50. Questions were asked from following topic-
Essay Topics -
  • The Importance of Time Management.
  • Is personality determined by one's genes or environment. Discuss your views.
Letter Topics - 
  • You have just returned from a visit to foreign county. Write a letter to your friend describing the trip.
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper alerting the public about the rising rising incidents of Cyber crime.

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